Web Design and Development

We design and develop the website to meet your business need either it is for the fashion industry or the very intense electronic service provider company. We design website that suits your business need. We do everything that is necessary to make your online presence very strong, from designing user interface, writing content, integrating APIs to embedding applications. Our work doesn't stops here, we also do everything to promote your business online by doing SEO, digital marketing and social media marketing.

Life Cycle of the Web Development

We do everything from the requirement analysis to deployment of your working website with the web application as per the requirement. We try to keep the workload as minimum as possible and also consult what is good for your online presence. We try every possibility to make your online presence very strong and professional because your professionalism on the web makes our work professional. Our project is not completed until we get 100% satisfaction from our client.   

Web Design

In this design how the user interface (UI) is going to look, means the overall view of the website with the application. Once the design completes we show to our customer to get the approval of that it includes everything that he needs in the website. Means in this section we make the static website. In this we also write the professional contents of the website in professional English. While writing content we also keep in mind to use the keywords that can boost your website in the search engine optimization (SEO) in google.

Web Development

In this section, we integrate APIs with your ERP and CRM. We make application as per the requirements which communicate with your or other open source databases to get information. Overall we make your website dynamic, means your data on the website changes as per the data in the database. For this, we have the team from different companies which can make the complete working system with hardware and software for the web and mobile application. 

Digital Marketing

Once your website and web application get launched, our work doesn't stop here. We do the digital and social media marketing so that everyone knows about your company and its services. We also writ blogs to attract the customers searching for the google keywords. We also integrate web analytics APIs to calculate the total visitors on your website.