About Us

Vaishno Soft is the complete IT solution provider company launched with the aim to bring the new cutting-edge technology in Thailand that is on the boom in European and American countries. We try to break the myth that IT services are very expensive and cannot be afforded by the SMEs in Thailand.We develop the very responsive website at very competitive price than the other service providers in Thailand. We have the Logistics and transport management system on the SAAS based that even the logistics company with 10 people can afford as per user basis and take the advantage of the system that the very big logistics company have. With very less amount they can use the world-class service.

Web Development

Vaishno Soft provides the complete web development services from content strategy, web design and development , APIs integration to the web marketing. We write the quality content that helps in the SEO (search engine optimization) of the website. Our websites are very responsive to all kind of devices & browsers.

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ERP Solution for Logistics

Vaishno Soft is the sole distributor of the Logixgrid ERP solution in Thailand. It has all types of solution for logistics businesses such as Logistics and Transport management system, courier, Express, FTL, LTL, Warehouse Management, and many more. Our Products (LogixERP) accelerate your business more than 100% with world-class ERP solutions.

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Environmental Monitoring Solution

IQTEK is the American company with the branch in China who manufactures the IoT ( Internet of Things) devices based on the LoRa (Low power high range) technology. This is the service provider, they sell complete system as per the requirement. They can consult, design and implement the complete IT infrastructure as per requirement.

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